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Coding Weekend

01 Jun 2015


  • have lost 18.9 lbs so far, yay me, watching my food intake, hitting the treadmill daily doesn’t hurt
  • got a replacement collector beer glass for @csexton
  • re-watched the movie The DUFF which was pretty funny
  • watching the anime Deadman Wonderland


  • playing w/ ES6 via electron flags (and babel for normal browsers)
  • getting code correct w/ tern, jshint, jscs, and eslint
  • work: model-lang
    • enjoying ES6 generators and ES6 for better mocha tests
  • mongodb-workbench - my MongoDB UI
    • on GitHub finally
    • needs work, but it’s a start
    • might rename to MongoUI
  • resume - my resume in the open and in various open formats