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Fathers Day Weekend

22 Jun 2015


  • Father’s Day
    • spent the day visiting with my Dad and step-Mom
    • got a neat book “from the kids”:
      • The Mysterious World of Sherlock Holmes by Bruce Wexler
  • OMSCS @ GA Tech (Online Masters of Science in Computer Science at Georgia Tech)
    • formally accepted the offer into the graduate program
    • finished up some initial paperwork, more to come I’m sure
    • worked on financial aid paperwork, here come the student loans
  • the beer fridge in my garage died
    • the beer is okay
    • lost a few freezer items
    • could’ve been worse
  • watching Netflix a bit lately:
    • Between
    • Agents of SHIELD
  • discovered Smarter Every Day videos, fun science
  • found out that yet another developer is leaving at work
    • later @jadelane, it’s been great working with you!


  • blog
    • all markdown, all the time
    • still enjoying this setup
    • will be fiddling with DNS to get linked to my GitHub Pages site
  • mongodb-workbench
    • cleaned up some inconsistencies between eslint, jshint, and jscs
    • working on resize and height issues for the editor component
    • trying to finish up a few more major issues before blabbing about it on Hacker News
  • resume
    • tweaking a few things still
    • will try to publish on GitHub later this week
  • model-lang - (x_x)
    • sadly, I was asked to remove this from GitHub
      • hope to get this posted back on GitHub once we resolve some internal issues
      • pretty sure there are mirrors of this Open Source code running around somewhere
    • becoming a gulp guru, making complicated build steps easy
      • going from typescript to es6 thru babeljs to es5
      • using gulp-load-plugins to clean up the requires (and add lazy loading!)
      • using browser-sync with watchers to reload on changes
        • working but needs ore optimization before it’s good enough
        • 20s rebuild times makes for whiny laptop fans