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Bring An Apple

26 Aug 2015


  • this concludes JobYet2015 – I am going to go work at Apple!
    • had a great all-day on-site interview with some very talented people
    • will be a Software Engineer on iCloud team working on Photos web app
  • moving to California (see the above)
    • we will miss friends and family but we have to go
    • sending out invitations for our Epic Moving Away Party
    • the relocation folks will help us get everything out there
    • we have a buyer for our house and we’re working on the paperwork
    • looking forward to nice weather, beautiful scenery, and tech/geek culture
  • started my classes in GA Tech’s OMSCS program
  • trying to squeeze in some fun local(ish) things before we leave


  • mostly school stuff
  • ran through a Linear Algebra review and built some code in Python for it
  • playing with Java 1.8 and WEKA for Machine Learning