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Goodbye, Hello Kitty

29 Jun 2015


  • lost my job at Rivera Group on Tuesday
    • shocked, confused, sad, not really sure what happened, may never know
    • the cited reasons were either approved by management weeks prior or half-baked at best
    • unfortunate timing, would have gained $5000 in my 401K only days later
    • wish people would’ve just talked about it so that it didn’t have to end like this
    • would have liked to say goodbye to my friends and peers, I wish them nothing but the best
    • moving on, had a lot of offers in the meantime, so that is promising at least
    • working on my resume, site, and projects
    • interesting things on the west coast, the San Francisco Bay area
  • birthday party for my daughter this week
    • Hello Kitty themed, which is much older than I realized
    • squirt guns, sprinkler, yard toys, tons of kids
    • full house, friends, family
    • had a great time, thanks to everyone


  • resume
    • published to GitHub late today
    • used html-pdf and roaster for the conversions
    • used gulp for builds and deploys
    • added a button to the blog so that people can find it more easily
    • ran into a minor issue with my install of the Go Git Service, will have to resolve soon