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Moving Forward

03 Aug 2015


  • my daughter started kindergarten
    • rated as one of the top elementary schools
    • she thinks her new teachers are great
    • teacher assured us that she will not let her get bored (had a kid doing exponents last year!)
  • lots of progress on the new job hunt
    • have had a lot of interest
    • moving forward with a number of different opportunities
    • working on hypothetical finances and living arrangements for the Bay Area
    • spending a lot of time tweaking my JobYet2015 spreadsheet :-)
  • excited about starting my Masters Degree online through Georgia Tech soon
  • trying not to forget to enjoy some of my free time in-between jobs
    • spent a few days hanging around Kentucky Kingdom, riding rides and doing water stuff
    • trying to grow a beard for fun, somewhat successfully


  • flash / bang ???
    • working on a flash cards app to help my daughter study things
    • going to make my wife help define and maybe built parts of it ;-)
  • idea: a kids learning app
    • style: educational minigames
    • story: two critters who are always at odds with one another and always getting into trouble
    • kids would have to help the rabbits fix the mess
  • will be helping mentor students at IUS competing in the ACM ICPC