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Impending Zoom

09 Sep 2015


  • went to the City Museum with Josh and Sarah and Aaron
    • I love that place – a great big playground full of interesting arty things
    • Ayla and Fefe hurt themselves… a lot… both bruise like crazy
    • got an extra day at the hotel so we could relax and even swim a little bit
    • later Ryan told Sarah that he likes her:
      • She said: Why?
      • He replied: Your not a monster and you don’t eat people, that’s why I like you.
  • Spending time with family:
    • Birthdays! Me, Tracy (Mom-in-law), and Dad
      • My birthday… mmm Cheesecake Factory
      • Tracy’s birthday… mmm Chinese food
      • Dad’s birthday… let them eat cake. every. time. (j/k, thanks Linda!)
    • Cyan got her driver’s license, woo!
    • Hanging out with Mom and Cyan:
      • Good food and fun playing with pastels
      • Got to see my brother for the first time in a while so that was nice
      • Ryan ran, tripped, and slid Wile-E-Coyote-style across the kitchen floor and into the corner of the island
        • had a scare and a pretty big welp
        • fine now, it went away
        • unlike the girls, we don’t bruise that easily
  • Hanging out with friends:
    • did reasonably well playing Team Fortress 2 at Adam’s LAN party
    • definitely got pummeled by the top tier players though
  • Planning our move:
    • T minus 2 weeks
    • Downsizing and ditching stuff
    • backed up and ditched the last of my floppy disks… yes, floppy disks…
  • Next up:
    • tonight: concert to see Gemini Syndrome and Avatar
    • weekend: epic moving party
    • moving into temporary housing until we find a permanent place (impending zoom)


  • school is keeping me pretty busy but it’s fun
  • accidentally already finished the code for the team project in my Software Development Process class
  • the Machine Learning material is pretty neat but I need to get to working on the analysis for my project and fast