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20 Jul 2015


  • went on vacation to California
    • had a fantastic time visiting with family
    • really like the San Francisco Bay area
    • got great pictures and neat slow motion videos
    • hiked around Mount Diablo with the kids
      • need to do more of that, they need to harden up, lol
    • walked the Golden Gate Bridge, really windy but lots of fun
    • visited the Jelly Belly jelly bean factory, my son is candy crazed now
    • fun at the California Academy of Sciences
    • went up and down the coast near Bodega Bay
    • visited Petaluma and unintentionally ended up at the same Irish pub that we went to 4 years ago
    • had a nice anniversary dinner alone with my wife at the same Melting Pot that we went to 4 years ago in the old brick kiln in Larkspur
  • finally reading Ready Player One, about half-way through, pretty good so far
  • found out that I got most of my 401K match money, not all, but most, so that’s nice
  • applying to a choice subset of jobs from the elaborate spreadsheet that I have been compiling


  • resume
    • made a few more minor updates, mainly mentioning my GitHub
    • found bugs in html-pdf so rendering manually via Safari for now