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Wifey, It's Sherbert Day

08 Jun 2015


  • birthday dinner for wifey
    • steak + chicken fajitas in a pita pocket? WAT? YUM! that’s what.
    • a silly string mishap
  • went to Columbus, OH for a rock concert for one of my wife’s favorite bands
    • she got some good happy birthday messages, here are a couple of fun ones:
      • doctor who dance
      • “it’s sherbert day” caption on a picture of sherbert
      • a happy birthday song from Cara as soon as she answered the phone
  • lazy Sunday
  • the weekend is never long enough


  • working on getting my blog up and running on GitHub Pages
    • originally wanted to build a simple single page app using JavaScript to load/render markdown files
    • considering using a static generator like jekyll instead so that I get better search engine support
    • might build some JS on top of the static output to dynamically change sections of the static pages to get a nice mix of the two
    • using and loving the Cloud9 editor
      • except some weird issues refreshing inline preview (new tab is fine)
      • want to setup live reload for this