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Doing It Wrong

12 Mar 2015


  • pushed gimme to GitHub late last night early this morning –


  • taking vacation Friday and Monday so I will probably get more done on my pet projects


I just realized that I’ve been using my earbuds (from Apple, came with my iPhone 6 Plus) all wrong.

Maybe you have too – find out:

  1. push them all the way in
  2. then pull them back out just slightly
  3. rotate them until the sound is at it’s peak quality and volume
  4. figure out how to do this every time


  • bash:
    • open the current line in your $EDITOR by pressing Ctrl-X then Ctrl-E
    • string manipulation (faster though admittedly a bit cryptic)
      • ${FILE##*/} - like basename; removes longest leading */
      • ${FILE%/*} - like dirname; removes longest trailing /*
    • the for loop defaults to iterating over the "$@" list so you can simply say for ARG; do to loop over all args
    • use the [[ rather than the [ – it has more features and fewer edge cases
    • shellcheck yo self before you shell wreck yo self
    • reading is fun da mental

        X $  find . -type f | while read F     # wrong: splits on IFS (whitespaces)$  find . -type f | while read -r F  # CORRECT! DO THIS!! ONLY!!!