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Weekend Wrap Up

17 Mar 2015

tech tid bits

  • got Ubuntu 15.04 working
    • initially couldn’t get the video to work so it just “got stuck” at the startup messages
      • got it working by uninstalling my nvidia driver and installing a newer nvidia package
  • typescript
    • the v1.4 that you get when you npm install typescript is nice but after playing with babel I keep trying unsupported things
    • that said, the roadmap on GitHub is exciting and most of what I want is in v1.5 so I’ll be playing with that ASAP


  • dotfiles
    • finished getting this working in Linux and Mac OS X
    • fully switched over to using gimme
  • gimme
    • fix various Linux and Mac OS X issues
    • add more my/* gimmes to wrap up groups of tools


  • trying to get my LinkedIn in order
  • I am infomercial
    • I am interested in making things better, faster, and stronger.
    • I enjoy researching and providing consultation for the best tools for the job.
    • I have an aptitude for performance analysis, data analysis, data visualization, large systems, and automation.
    • I go further than most to find, understand, and fix the underlying cause of issues.
    • I want proof not politics.


  • watched a crazy korean movie about … wow…