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Long Weekend

29 Mar 2015


  • extreme spring cleaning part 1: the great paintening
    • challenge: repaint the living room
    • difficulty: the dog that we used to have chewed through the wall in the corner so there will be drywall work
    • had tons of help from great friends and family (THANKS AGAIN!)
    • while repainting the living room we decided to repaint the hallway too
    • finished up with obligatory beer and pizza at BoomBozz (bbq chicken pizza omg)
    • the drywall in the corner took too long to dry so I had to wait until the next day to finish it
    • while moving stuff around to paint I guess managed to break the HDMI IR injectors for my TV so now I can’t control the AppleTV without using the Apple Remote app on my iPhone. oops…
  • working on my application to Georgia Tech’s Online Masters of Computer Science Degree Program
    • it is slow going but I am making progress
    • making progress on updating (and modernizing my resume)
    • suddenly I realize that I have no references to speak of and a less than stellar GPA
    • I will prove myself, given the chance


  • resume
    • still working on converting my resume to markdown
    • while doing this I realized that O’Rielly Media had quite a few things to say about this on their GitHub pages related to their atlas project (HTMLBook, asciidoc tools, markdown tools, HTML themes for books and typesetting)
    • also found gitbook
  • syntastic
    • created a jshint checker for json files
      • why? because I do not like having to install additional tools when I already have tools that do the job
      • it mostly works but it allows comments which may not be desirable
      • next stop: let’s see if I can add a nocomment option to jshint for this case (might be useful to disallow comments in some cases because it might force people to write better code)