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Productivity Lapse?

14 Apr 2015


  • yard work: part 1
    • done: overseed, fertilize, spread to prevent broadleaf, mow
    • pending: mulch, flowers, cutting down extra trees and shrubs
  • a walk in the park
    • my cousin, his kids, our kids, always a fun time
    • stops for exercise
  • made a habit of walking during lunch about a couple of weeks ago, feeling good, losing weight
  • finishing up my application to GA Tech to work on my Masters degree in Computer Science


  • mongosaurus - my MongoDB IDE
    • was able to work out the kinks when refactoring it to simply loop over a list of plugins
    • nearly back up and running and will put on GitHub soon
    • excited to build in support for mungedb-aggregate, ace editor language plugins, and various data visualiation tools
    • considering spinning it off into a full blown little big data workbench kind of tool (little big data, I like that…)
  • resumes - my attempt at Markdown resumes
    • coming along
    • had to fix an issue where the scrollbars were showing in the printed output (oops)
  • misc
    • playing with PEG.js and parsers again
    • looking for an excuse to play with:
      • marko - a nice HTML templating engine from eBay
      • Joyent’s Triton (Linux on SmartOS using Docker at bare metal speeds)
      • density - a superfast compression library
    • read a nice article on creating Custom Elements