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Its That Time Again

27 Apr 2015


  • healthier me
    • have lost 11.7 lbs so far
    • tracking my food via MyFitnessPal
    • walking extra when I can (I like gamification, so this is “earning taste points”)
    • just reduced my caloric intake by another 200 to go even faster
  • yard work: part C
    • done: mow (grows so fast in Spring)
    • pending: mulch, flowers, cutting down extra trees and shrubs
    • success: spray for bugs is working on bag worms (didn’t see that coming)
    • grrr: dandelions are everywhere, birds trying to build nest in my grill


  • mongodb-workbench (aka mw (formerly mongosaurus))
    • trying out electron from the Atom project rather than nw.js (actually started working on this while it was still atom-shell)
    • refactored “server” and “database” to use plugins for sub-sections
    • pending: refactoring “collection” tab to use plugins for sub-sections
    • toying around with using gulp, babel, less, uglify, etc. for building an actual release files
  • docker
    • a nice way of quickly spinning up Linux-based VMs
    • great for simplifing complex local development environments
    • amazing for deployments to test and production environments – with this why would I ever want something like chef? :-)
    • kitematic is a nice introductory UI that helps simplify some of the extra complications involved with docker container mangement on Mac OS X (due to having to use boot2docker between the VirtualBox VM and your actual docker containers)
    • curious if it could use VMs via the built-in Mac OS X Yosemite hypervisor (lighter weight? would just be a new docker-machine target probably)
    • suspiciously like SmartOS images but with tools that are a bit more developer oriented
    • excited to try the new docker stuff from Joyent, aka Triton, but still waiting on my early access to the beta program to kick in :-/