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Weekend Fun And An Ssd

04 May 2015


  • Friday grill out: featuring steak
  • Saturday: gloriously lazy day, project time
  • Sunday: beers and badminton
  • oddly successful: a big piece of foil left over in my grill seems to be keeping the birds from trying to build more nests
  • yard work was cancelled on account of laziness (and not enough rain)
  • donating blood today for the first time (should be interesting)


  • got my new SSD
    • tried to use Disk Utility to clone the disk but it didn’t go as nicely as I’d hoped
    • ended up using the trial of Carbon Copy Cloner to clone to my new SSD
  • mongodb-workbench (aka mw)
    • most things are working now
    • going through TODOs and prioritizing for a release
      • only the highest priority items will happen before the release
      • other items will become issues on github (with checkboxes for progress, probably)
  • work:
    • docker – still awesome… gotta love containers
    • chef – still more painful that I’d like (their docs need work, not a big fan of Ruby really)
    • building a new event modeling language loosely based on MP2
  • emoji fun
    • might start making commits in emoji
      • maybe only emoji, just to mess with people