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11 May 2015


  • Friday: family dinner featuring spaghetti, burning all things (okay fine, just the tree trimmings that I had piled up)
  • Saturday: treating, overseeding, mowing grass before rain (it didn’t…)
    • brother watched kiddos, so yay date night:
      • walked over bridge and then to pub downtown: beer + fish + chips = mmm
      • watched new Avengers movie, liked it
  • Sunday: flowers for Mom, visiting, stabbed her pool with a knife (to drain it and make way for the new one)
  • finally got everybody to finish the reference/recommendation forms for on my GA Tech Graduate Program application so now we wait to see if I’m in or not
  • bought Witcher 2 on Steam sale, might even play it one day, eventually, sometime in the distant future
  • -1 healthy offspring, ear infection, possibly bronchitus :-/
  • my wife quit her job due to her crazy ex-boss, got a full two weeks pay and a payout for her unused vaction, could be worse


  • playing with parse a little bit, seems pretty great
  • at work: builing new modeling language based on MP2 but simpler and more modern
  • cleaning iTunes library a bit, smarter smart playlists, fixed a few odd issues here and there
  • finally finished reading new employee handbook so that I can call that done
  • grooming household TODO lists with the wife